Transhine Ceramic Coating Booking

Ceramic Coating Requires A Full Day Appointment To Apply.


Traditional automotive waxes have their limits when it comes to durability and protection. The next generation of paint protection is here. This new Nano-technology creates an ultra-glossy, durable, scratch resistant and hydrophobic layer that bonds to the paint.

What that means to you is your vehicle will be better protected from chemicals; it makes washing easier, stays cleaner for longer and is easier to maintain. For a long-term solution to keeping your paint clean and protected, automotive ceramic coatings can’t be beat. You will see and feel the difference with ceramic paint coatings.

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  • DURABLE – Long-lasting durability
  • SIMPLE – No hassle care
  • PROTECTION – Prevents water, chemical, and scratch damage
  • WOW FACTOR – Smooth glass-like finish
  • INVESTMENT – Increases resale value by as much as $500