Same Day Car Bumper Repair



Same Day Bumper Repair

We are not a body shop, but we can do body shop type repairs when the damage
to your bumper doesn’t require an entire new bumper. This service is excellent
for situations where the damage to the bumper is too big not to fix, but not small
enough to put a dab of touch-up paint on it.

If it was your own fault and you backed up into a wall or scuffed up the lower
bumper and the cost is coming out of your own pocket, give us a call. Most of our
bumper repairs are under $400.00 so it will be less than your deductible to fix.
With our car bumper repair you won’t have to go through your insurance which raises your
rates and you’re back on the road in 1 day.

Our same day bumper repair is not for major collision damage, or when the whole
bumper needs replacement. It is a great solution for smaller damage that is too
big to ignore. Send us a picture and let us see if we can help. Visit us in Whittier for bumper repair near you. Estimates are free and if we can’t help you, we will find someone who can.

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G35 Dent G35 Dent Removed
BMW 7 Dent BMW 7 Dent

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The process is identical to that used in a standard body shop, but without the high priced labor charges.

  1. Your car’s paint color is matched exactly.
  2. The damaged area is treated without having to remove the entire bumper.
  3. The process is complete the same day.

No. Major collision damage, insurance work, or damage that compromises the car’s structural
integrity should be taken to a traditional body shop. If the bumper is torn, broken/cracked or
has been repainted before, it might need to go to a traditional body shop.

A blend is process by which we fix only the affected area instead of the whole bumper. The
process is similar to a traditional body shop. The damaged area is repaired, we primer the spot,
airbrush on the factory color, and then spray the area with a clear coat. Our goal is to keep as
much of the original factory paint on the vehicle as possible.
There is no need to paint the whole bumper if most of it is still in good condition. A blend or
spot repair is a standard industry practice. Most cars that are traded in to dealers are repaired
the same way.