The Best Car Detailing in the LA Area

The Magic of Making Your Car Look Like New

  • Like New Again, Inside & Outside
  • Protect and Restore Your Investment
  • That New Car Smell and Feel
  • The feeling of a New Car – Without the Price Tag

Professional Detailing

  • Like New Again, Inside & Outside
  • Protect and Restore Your Investment
  • That New Car Smell and Feel
  • Paint Correction, Pro Waxing, Inside Cleaning

Every car goes through a similar lifecycle. It starts off brand spanking new and eventually becomes used. At Transhine, our goal is to make your used car look brand new.

Our team will assess your vehicle’s condition on site and using a systematic approach, and over 35 years’ worth of experience, recommend the right package for your individual needs.

Our professional car detailing services are geared around maintaining that new car feeling or restoring your car to its original new condition. We do this by matching each individual customer with the right auto detailing package.

In addition to our auto detailing packages, we recommend all customers have their vehicle waxed 2 times a year to preserve the results of their auto detailing services. Learn about Tesla paint protection.

Go beyond the everyday car wash to keep your vehicle looking and feeling brand new with our exceptional auto detailing services. Visit Transhine’s car detailing near you in Whittier.

Professional Detailing Packages

All final detailing prices are based upon overall condition

Professional Clean & Wax

Protects Paint & New Car Look

Paint Correction & Wax

For Cars with Some Paint Damage

Interior Clean & Restore

For The New Car Look and Smell

**Seat belts NOT included, please inquire for price**

Ultimate Detailing Package

Outside and Inside Restored & Protected

**Seat belts NOT included, please inquire for price**

Woman getting out of red car after auto detailing


Interior and exterior detailing are important aspects of maintaining your car’s appearance and value. With Transhine’s professional auto detailing services, you can enjoy a range of benefits that will keep your car looking like new for years to come.

Protect Your Paint: The exterior of your car is exposed to harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and road debris. This can cause damage to your car’s paint, leading to a dull and faded appearance. With Transhine’s high quality auto detailing services, your car’s paint will be protected from these elements, keeping it looking shiny and new.

Improved Resale Value: Regular auto detailing services can significantly improve your car’s resale value. By keeping your car in excellent condition, you can attract more potential buyers and command a higher price when it’s time to sell.

Long-lasting Results: Unlike DIY car washes, professional exterior auto detailing services can provide long-lasting results. Transhine uses high-quality products and equipment that are designed to clean and protect your car’s exterior, ensuring that the results last for months.  

Enhanced Safety: A clean car not only looks great, but it also enhances safety. Dirt, grime, and other debris on your car’s exterior can reduce visibility, making it harder to see while driving. Regular auto detailing services can improve your visibility and keep you safe on the road.

At Transhine, we want car owners to feel confident that they’re getting the high quality service that they deserve. Our by hand car wash professionals use microfiber towels for the cleanest wash detailing. We take great care to vacuum and deep clean the inside of your vehicle before conditioning all upholstery and panels for the finest interior detailing finish. 

What People Are Saying About Transhine

"They Really Know What They Are Doing And I'm Really Happy With It"
-Jim McCormick