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Car Windows Tinting

Function and style is what window tint is about. In LA we are in our cars a lot and tinting can make passengers and drivers much more comfortable. Our professional car and auto window tinting will reduce the UV Rays by 99.9%. Not only are passengers protected, but all the interior surfaces are protected from fading and sun damage. Secondly, the Ceramic tint keeps the interior much cooler. Lastly, your car simply looks better. – Function and style. Over the years we have learned how tinting your car keeps the interior protected and nearly like new.


Standard Tint

This is our sturdy, lifetime warranty film that blocks out 99.9% of harmful UV Rays. Prevents interior surfaces form fading, adds comfort, reduces glare and adds styling to any car. Has great overall performance across the board. NONE of our lines of film contain any metals and are free form cell & GPS interference.



This lifetime warranty film adds high performance to ANY shade of tint you get
(Clear, Light, Medium, Dark or Limo). When blocking out heat and keeping the
interior much cool are your top priorities, the CTX more than delivers.



The IRX line is truly the best of them all. It combines the 99.9% UV Ray rejection
with an unimaginable Infrared (heat) rejection close to 90%. This adds up to the
most comfortable ride for you and your occupants. This is the top of the tint line.


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Depending on the line of film chosen, there are various shades customers can choose from depending on their style and preference. Shades include Clear (Great for windshields), Light, Medium, Dark and Limo. We also have shades that can match most factory privacy glass.

If you want the “classy” look we recommend medium tint on all the windows. If you want privacy you will need to look into dark or limo shades. If nighttime visibility isn’t the greatest for you, use the light or even the Clear, Ceramic CTX or IRX line. For the best “cool” looking results we recommend dark on all the windows. If top priority is keeping the car cooler, any of our Ceramic lines will be the best choice.
You can tint the back ½ of the car as dark as you want (Dark or Limo). The window tinting laws only pertain to the 2 front windows (driver and passenger). It is illegal to tint the front 2, typically no darker than our “light” shade.

While there is always a chance of getting a FIX-IT-ticket with anything darker than our “medium” shade, it’s a very slim chance. Our experience is that the police officers are not out to ticket people for illegal window tint, and it’s not an enforced violation.
If you are leasing the car for 2 years we recommend the Standard Tint. For anyone who will be driving on the daily and plan to keep the car for a long time, the Ceramic Line makes sense. Infrared film gives you the top of the line in technology, performance and heat rejection.
It seems like with window tinting, the more you shop around, the more confusing it gets. The main reasons are the QUALITY of tint being installed and the level of craftsmanship that goes into a hand installed/had cut product.

Also, there will ALWAYS be new tint guys out there just starting to gain experience and looking for customers. Everyone “knows a guy”. There is no mystery; it has always been the same – “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”
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