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Have the motor looking great and see better at night time with the best way to improve your cars appearance.    We clean the top of the engine compartment and make the headlights like new again in 4 hours.

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Headlight Restoration

Rid yourself of unsafe, yellow and hazy headlights and see what’s in front of you in a new light with our exclusive headlight polishing. You may not realize this, but rather than replace your dull and dingy headlights with expensive new ones, you can come to Transhine and let us restore them for you- AT A FRACTION OF THE COST OF NEW ONES. We polish headlights using a proven restoration system to bring back your headlights to their original clear condition, and we back that clarity up with a 10 year guarantee. Not to mention, once we remove the haze from your headlights, you’ll be able to take to the streets at night without worrying about the safety of yourself or others. WE LITERALLY MAKE YOUR HEADLAMPS BETTER THAN NEW. GUARANTEED.


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Headlight Cleaning myths

Toothpaste has never and will never be a viable way to self-clean your car’s headlights

Mosquito repellant won’t clear up hazy headlights; in fact, the results you’re seeing will only last a few days and will eventually eat away at your headlight’s plastic

Sanding off the old, degrading protective coat only exposes your headlights to UV damage rather than create long-lasting, positive results

Off-the-shelf DIY headlight restoration kits won’t work either; they only expose your headlights to harmful elements since they don’t come with a protective sealant

Another disadvantage to using an at-home restoration kit is a tacky finish that actually attracts bugs, dirt, and grime

Solvent-based cleaners will slowly melt the surface of the headlight, allow UV rays in, and ultimately destroy your headlights

Baking soda is just as abrasive as toothpaste and should be avoided at all costs, no matter what you hear

WD-40 can damage the rubber around your headlights, plastic bumpers, and your car’s painted finish

before and after

headlight-before headlight-after
headlight-after-2 headlight-before-2


With some hard work and a polish machine you might be able to get similar results, but what makes the difference is the protective coating we put over the lens once it’s repaired. This protective urethane coating protects the vulnerable plastic lenses from returning to yellow and foggy. See our paint protection film for more info. We are one of the only companies that offer this protection.
First and foremost the safety is improved at night. The hazy, yellowing film can reduce the performance of the light by half, making night time driving more difficult. The second thing is the look of the car improves dramatically. Lastly, the repair is a one-time fix and compared with replacing the whole light, the cost is a huge savings. We offer a 10 year warranty on the clarity.
Vehicle manufacturers have changed from glass headlights to plastic headlights. They did this to save costs and reduce the weight of vehicles. However, plastic is considerably more vulnerable than glass. the plastic headlights would not yellow as fast if you didn’t live in Los Angeles where we have lots of pollution and an acidic marine layer. The pollution and moisture eat away at the headlights resulting in the cloudy, hazy surface.
Most headlights look like new afterwards. The clouding and hazing is developing on the outside of the lens and through our proprietary process we are able to restore the headlight to near perfect. Some deeper pitting and rock chips might remain, but they will not affect clarity, and after installing the clear, urethane film, the headlight will be better than new.

We guarantee the lights will remain clear for up to 10 years. Our proven system for headlight polishing fixes the problem PERMANENTLY!  Don’t waste time and money buying a headlight polishing kit or trying some ‘secret’ solution. Our guarantee is that you will be completely pleased with the results.