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10X The Protection At 50% The Cost of Wax

  • No More Waxing
  • Can Last Over 2 Years
  • Scratch Resistant Coating
  • Prevents Water & Chemical Damage
  • Glass-Like Finish


Ceramic Coatings

Traditional automotive waxes have their limits when it comes to durability and protection. The next generation of paint protection is here. This new Nano-technology creates an ultra-glossy, durable, scratch resistant and hydrophobic layer that bonds to the paint.

What that means to you is your vehicle will be better protected from chemicals; it makes washing easier, stays cleaner for longer and is easier to maintain. For a long-term solution to keeping your paint clean and protected, automotive ceramic coatings can’t be beat. You will see and feel the difference with ceramic paint coatings.

  • DURABLE – Long-lasting durability
  • SIMPLE – No hassle care
  • PROTECTION – Prevents water, chemical, and scratch damage
  • WOW FACTOR – Smooth glass-like finish
  • INVESTMENT – Increases resale value by as much as $500

Modern Chemistry Redefines the Future of Automotive Paint Protection

The Magic of Graphene Nanotechnology

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How Does It Work?

As the best paint protection choice in the automotive industry, ceramic coatings protect your vehicle’s exterior UV damage, staining, oxidizing, bugs, dirt and debris. Using state of the art Nano-technology, ceramic coatings create a barrier that’s impervious to most things that attempt to damage your paint. It also provides an exceptional shine, gloss and depth to your paint, making it always look new. And did we mention cleaning your car is a breeze? Well, it is. 

Why Ceramic Coatings Instead of Traditional Wax?

  • Creates a long-lasting gloss that’s significantly more scratch resistant than traditional waxing

  • Better protects your vehicle’s paint from harsh chemicals found in pollution, soap, tar, and bird droppings

  •  Keeps your car’s paint cleaner, smoother, and more water resistant
  • Eliminates your need to get your vehicle regularly waxed and save money in the long run

Ceramic Coatings for Paint

Most Popular

Level 1

2 Year Warranty


*SUVs & Truck extra* PAINT SURFACE POLISHING AND PREP NOT INCLUDED. SEE FAQs section for more information

Best Value

Level 3

4 Year Warranty


*SUVs & Truck extra* PAINT SURFACE POLISHING AND PREP NOT INCLUDED. SEE FAQs section for more information

Ultimate Protection

Level 2

5+ Year Warranty


*SUVs & Truck extra* PAINT SURFACE POLISHING AND PREP NOT INCLUDED. SEE FAQs section for more information

Ceramic Coatings for Plastic and Rims

Long Term Protection

Plastic Protection


Ceramic Technology




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Our Work


The painted surface has to be like-new before a ceramic coating is applied. Ceramic coating is like a layer of liquid glass that is added to the painted surface. Whatever is ON or IN the paint will be sealed underneath the coating. The clarity and smoothness of the surface will only be as clear and flawless as the paint it is applied to. That’s why preparation of the painted surface is KEY to glowing results. The ceramic coating does not clean, polish or rejuvenate the surface. It just covers and protects it.

We inspect all the vehicles when they come in for paint issues. While most new cars will not need paint
correction or refurbishing and don’t have that additional charge, there have been cases where the car was new, but sat on the back lot for 6 months and had water spots and problems. When people buy a new car they make some assumptions the paint is still like it came off the factory production line.

You can expect us to have to polish the car if it is over 1 year old (see our Brea Ceramic Coating); even if it was well cared for. The paint
will change on its own from normal drying out over time and then normal care of the paint will put light
“spider web” looking scratches or swirl marks in the paint. The paint has to be as clear and smooth as
possible or the final results will suffer. Polishing and correction isn’t an option, it is a critical step to the
Ceramic Coating results.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with quality craftsmanship and we can’t compromise the
process to produce that. It’s the foundational principle of everything we do here.

The chemistry of the two is entirely different and so are the results. Applying Ceramic Coating is like a brand new Teflon pan; nothing sticks and it last a long time. Wax is more like adding butter to the pan to temporarily keep things from sticking. Waxing acts as a temporary protection to the paint that keeps things from sticking short term. Most waxes last about 3-4 months and then it’s time to reapply. Ceramic Coatings are a semi-permanent NEW layer that adheres to the paint. Once dry, the surface is harder and smoother and will last at least 2 years or more. The Ceramic Coatings do not wear out or eventually disintegrate.

First, we did some extensive testing to see if Ceramic Coatings actually work. We didn’t want to offer
our customers something that truly didn’t add value and benefits to their paint job. Second, we tried
different major brands (i.e. Ceramic Pro and Opticoat) to see who’s did what they promoted. C-Quartz, overall, had the best
performance and we believe in the 2 year durability.

We saw the need for longer lasting protection for our customers looking for the 1 shot approach to
protecting their car. While the 4 year guarantee seems possible, a lot of getting the life out of the
application does require proper aftercare by the owner. On the average we see people come back
every 3 years for a detail, so it made sense to offer a paint protection that can last that long. However,
we don’t recommend going that long between visits.

With the FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating 4 year warranty, it is required that we annually inspect the
vehicle. It is a visual inspection and takes 10 – 15 minutes. We felt this is was great relationship building
experience where everyone benefits. We make sure your ceramic coating is fulfilling its expectations
and we can monitor how the care for the vehicle is going. As an option, the customer can pay to have
the car washed, decontaminated and have a ceramic boost applied to the paint to reinvigorate the
surface. Aftercare is very is important. Included with your application is a care guide.

The Ultimate in Professional Glass Protection

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Glass under a microscope is extremely porous. There are millions of hills, valleys, and peaks that can not be seen with a human eye. It is in these peaks and valleys that substances get trapped causing contamination, distorted vision while driving and damage to the glass surface.

GlassParency is the professional installer’s choice of glass coatings in today’s market. Unlike many wax-based or topical coatings, GlassParency is chemically engineered to react to silica within the glass pores, creating a bond unmatched by the competition. It’s product attributes go beyond just a water repellency, making it ideal for any silica-based surface, in any climate or environment.