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Transhine Helps Tesla Model Y Owners Deal With Paint Issues

If you purchased a Tesla Model Y, you probably love it in almost every way. It is not a flashy car, nor does it possess terrific body lines. Still, it is precisely the car that many people consider the future of the automobile. Packed with intuitive technology, Tesla has made their car more like cell phones than what one traditionally thinks of when they think of an automobile.

Your cell phone and the Model Y share many similarities. Both a Tesla vehicle and cell phone require little regular maintenance, aside from frequent recharging and software upgrades. The big difference, apart from the four wheels on the Tesla, is that of maintaining the paint.

What the car has in technology it lacks in some quality, especially the paint jobs. Aside from uncommon dust and flaws in the paint, the overall durability of the paint is concerning. Consumers don’t buy this car for its quality craftsmanship or superior paint jobs. With new Teslas, we have seen brand new paint jobs already stained with water spots and etching. Bird droppings eat away at the paint immediately, leaving etching and surface damage. One customer had brought his Tesla in for its first wax job and had tree sap etching on all the horizontal painted surfaces. We had to paint correct all the outside surfaces before we could apply the wax.

Not only is the paint soft and vulnerable to chemical attacks, the paint easily chips and is more susceptible to rock chip damage on the front bumpers and hood. However, Tesla still faces the challenges that car ownership has always faced-maintaining the painted surfaces.

The inside technology and interior of the car are well protected, and putting window tint on the vehicle is an excellent way to protect the interior further. But, the challenges of maintaining the paint are present. Keeping the paint looking new and rock chip free is still a challenge, until now. We offer the latest technology and solutions to these issues.

We first recommend installing the Paint Protection Film on areas vulnerable to rock chips. If you are a commuter or a freeway driver, damage to the front bumper will be accelerated. There is no other product better suited to solving this problem. Second, for chemical attacks such as bird droppings, tree sap, or water spots, we highly encourage Ceramic Coatings. The coatings act like another clear coat on the car that’s design for the challenges faced by Tesla owners.


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